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Thermal conductive silicone grease

Item No.: TG
Traditional thermal interface material Mainly for CPU/GPU

         TG series thermal grease has good thermal conductive performance and reliability and can wet the surface of copper and aluminum which is extremely suit for the heat transfer of the CPU, GPU and other heating power components.As TG series has low adhesion,can fully wet the surface,form very low surface thermal resistance,it can quickly transfer the heat to cooling device. Just paste the grease on the gap between the power components and cooling device to help dismiss the air gap and enlarge the heat flow,decrease thermal resistance,reduce the temperature of power components,improve reliability and extend the usage life. 




  •  Physical properties
Item number Color Thermal conductivity(w/m-k) Thermal resistance@50psi(°C-in2/W) Use Temperature(°C)
TG120 White 1.2 0.150 -40~200


White 2.0 0.05 -40~200


Gray 3.0 0.015 -40~200
TG380 Gray 3.8 0.012 -40~200
TG500 Gray 5.0 0.009 -40~200


Pakcing: 1/5/10/20kg or can be customized as you required


  • Typical Applications
  1. Between semiconductor and hestsink

  2. Between CPU and heatsink
  3. Between power resistor and base
  4. Thermoelectric cooler device
  5. Between temperature regulator and assembly surface
  6. High power LED lighting