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Soft rubber silicone thermal conductive pad with strong adhe

Item No.: TPA
One side adhesive

    TPA series are basic thermal conductive pads with 3M strong adhesive or normal glue on one side.Silicone type with soft rubber material.Thermal silicone pad is a very cost-effective general economic thermal gap filling gasket, soft with its own micro-stick, easy assembly.
    Under low compressing force to show good thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties. Bedding on the gap between the heat device and the heat sink or the machine shell to extrude air to reach the full contact forming a continuous thermal conduction.Using heat sink or machine shell as a cooling device can effectively increase the cooling area to achieve a good cooling purposes.



Test item Test method Unit TPA100
Color Visual   Grey
Thickness ASTM D374 mm 0.3~15
Specific gravity ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.8
Hardness ASTM D2240 Shore C 10~45
Continuous use temperature EN344

Voltage endurance ASTM D149 kv/mm >5.0
Flame rating UL-94   V-0
Thermal conductivity ASTM D5470 w/m-k 1.0


1.The original size is 200mmx400mm, 300mmx400mm and it is decided by the machine.However, it can die-cut to any size by machine again. So we can offer you the different size you need.

2.As for color, the general is grey and white.If you need other color,please tell me.

3.As for thermal conductivity,if you need others,also please let me know.




Step 1

Clear the surface where you are going to paste the thermal pad; 




Tear the protective film of one side and remember do not tear the protective film of both sides in the same time to reduce the contact times and scare of the thermal pad avoiding the damage of thermal pad stickiness and thermal conductivity. 



Paste the side without protective film on the products, then tear the other side protective film, then install your electronic components on the thermal pad. After installation, press slightly and let it stay for a while to ensure the thermal pad fixed well. 



        Graphic/video card/memory           High-speed hard disk driver                    Memory module

         South and North Bridge


    Heat sink of micro heat tube              Control device of car engine                      Mobile phone 


      Portable electronic devices            New energy car electronic device                  Led lighting